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There is a new choice for school library material. Headed by David Willson, the former General Manager of National Book Services, LSC’s new education division will make acquiring materials for the school library more efficient and cost-effective in several important ways. WHY LSC?

LSC has more than 40 years of experience in the public and school library market. With our new education division, we bring the same high level of service and expertise to schools that we have always offered to Canada’s public libraries.

With more than 15 professional librarians on staff, LSC has one of the largest pools of expertise in Canada. We handle more than 140,000 titles annually, including more than 70,000 new ones. Our selection tools pull from this vast range of material to recommend titles that are most relevant to schools. At the same time, schools gain access to our full range of titles.

> Industry-best discounts
> Save time by using selection tools created by professional librarians
> Easy ordering
> Rapid, reliable delivery
> Full processing and cataloguing services available
> An emphasis on Canadian material to meet curriculum requirements

More than 100,000 new titles are published every year in North America. LSC’s professional-grade selection tools are a sensible solution to this challenge. We review all of the announcements, reviews, and ordering patterns of libraries across Canada. From this vast array of information, we select the titles that best fit the different age and curriculum requirements of schools. And we make these titles available through an easy-to-use web site. Schools can place an order online or print a purchase order for approval and later submission. We make ordering a simple process, with options that can be tailored to the school’s needs.

LSC has a pricing policy of up to a 35% discount with free shipping on orders over $500.00. There is a $10.00 shipping and handling charge for all orders under $500.00.

Additional discounts are available for large volume orders. Please contact Account Manager Trish Hayes to discuss details.

LSC can provide a range of specialized catalogues and lists including:
• Elementary and high school catalogues
• French immersion
• ESL (English as a second language)
• Graphic novels
• Easy readers
• Picture books
• Canadian literature
• Character Development

If you have a special selection need, please email your request to the General Manager David Wilson, Account Manager Trish Hayes or Customer Service Manager Amber Thody. Simply describe your need, the target student audience, and the approximate budget. We will send you our recommendations – no charge and no obligation.

One of the advantages of selling more than 130,000 different titles every year is that LSC is happy to handle custom requests. In addition to our recommendations, schools have access to our full database of more than 1,500,000 titles. Any of these may be ordered at any time. Even better - schools are able to request sourcing for any title not found in LSC’s current database. We will source the title and provide pricing information – all at no cost or obligation.

LSC has unmatched expertise in branch-building with a dedicated team of library experts able to provide a full range of services. We can provide recommended lists of titles based on the school’s specific demographics.

All material offered by LSC is available fully catalogued and processed so that it can go from delivery to shelf to student in record time. From electronic records to jackets and spine labels, LSC offers professional processing services using our in-house experts. No one in Canada has been doing processing of library materials longer than LSC – so schools can be sure that they will get a high-quality result. LSC processes hundreds of thousands of items every year – we have the staff and processes in place to do this quickly and cost-effectively.
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